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All songs written & performed by Dude Magnets:
Scott "Lie Bot" Sapp -- guitar and vocals
William "Vlad" Cantrell -- bass
Ernie "Nice Pete" LoBue -- drums

Tape out courtesy of Pizza Tomb Records (email the band if you would like one: dudemagnets@gmail.com)

Special thanks to Xander Witt, Mercer West, and D'Angelo Barksdale.


released June 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Dude Magnets Athens, Georgia


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Track Name: Dude Magnets
Pretty girls really make me sad
Wish they'd all go home to their dads
So I don't think they're in my way when I'm trying my damnedest to have a good day

I don't want to feel the way I do about all of you
but I won't deny it when I'm too tired to fight it

Don't act surprised -- I expect nothing from you
Back when I did I would end up so blue
Now I'm insistent on anti-persistance
If you want my love you better go the distance

I've begun a downward trend into a dead end
Until someone proves me wrong maybe then I'll get along

Pretty girls what would I do without you
Without these boys you wouldn't know what to do, too
We'd all complain about something new that really wouldn't matter as much –
Everyone needs someone to touch
And will someone please get me out of this rut?
Track Name: Sun
I never win against the sun
It's just shining on everyone
When I try to stay away I just waste away my day

When the sun goes down I go down
Into darkness for another round
I'd love the moon, but it's not there every night
I'd love you, but you're never there

I never win against the sun
It just takes me from place to place
And when I stay out for far too long I sure could use another face

We all revolve around a fire
I don't look too close – it could hurt my eyes
Then I wouldn't be able to see too well
My way out of the tracks I fell into

Say to yourself, “I think I'll stick it out”
May find something new to think about
Everywhere the sun just beats us down
Track Name: Cave Times
You'd tell me everything
so am I good enough these days?
You don't go outside
What goes on inside your head?
I don't know

Keep it yourself, you said that's what you want to do
Watching everyone forget about you

Abandoning hope or is it just another day?
Make up your mind, it doesn't matter either way
I know you know, it's not the end – you're just wasting time

Write it all away, will you please?
Escape into the poetry of better memories
And you don't have to call me back, I don't mind
But you leave me so goddamn confused

When you disappear, how will I know?
I tell myself I'll be ready, but what else can I do no longer knowing you?
Can I follow you into your cave?
When you go there, who the fuck am I to you?
Track Name: Spaceships
These days, I pretend I'm with you when I'm by myself
It's so sad how I can't think about anything else

I try to make the most of my time, but I'm lost in my mind
And I'm starting to see spaceships in Athens

Please don't go away
I have plans to start a garden (with you, you know I do)
I can tell you all about yourself, things you wouldn't hear other men say

And I can't make it through the day without you on my thoughts every second
I need to defeat these fantasies with realities

And you'd know, I want to talk to you more than anyone else around
And you let me listen to your problems – is that how you show you care what I think?

Have you ever felt you're losing your mind?
Because someone just right won't ever find you?
And everyone around you starts seeming really strange?
And the days blend together because nothing's really changing?

Let's go away together, that'd be something new
And I'm starting to see spaceships in Athens
Track Name: Cincinnati
There are some times when I really think I get somewhere
But I'm just not sure where I was when you came through my open door
Took me off to some place I haven't been before...

Months went by – you already went your way
And all the shelter that you built me had all but blown away
So I turned around and went back home

'Cause there's nothing new where you left me
You try to reach me, but you know it's not the same
As where I was when you were passing through my town
But don't bother to call you know I've let you down
Now turn your back on me, I turned my back on you
Now turn your back on me, please turn me back on