Little Men

by Dude Magnets

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Recorded in February at the Salty Dog Temple on Freedom Drive

Performed and written by Dude Magnets
William "Home Stations" Cantrell - bass, some vocals (#7 esp)
Ernie "J's Variety" LoBue - drums, ambiance
Scott "USA Fashion" Sapp - guitar, keyboard, vocals

Subtle, tasteful guest appearances, recording, mixing, mastering, production by Scott "Tasty World" Nicholas

Folk art by Ernie LoBue

Look for a tape or something to be out soon!

Love, the Little Men


released May 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Dude Magnets Athens, Georgia


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Track Name: Seed
I wanted to be someone with a plan like a seed with trees growing up from beneath the ground - bound to be something somewhere.
I’ve heard lots of self-help tricks for pursuing happiness. In a world of talkers, who gets their validation?

Nothing lasts forever, but I see what I see and tell myself it’s not too late for me to reappear better than before.

Wading out into windy seas, I’m just trying to find myself. Will the waves disrupt reflections?
Track Name: Missed Connections
We don’t know anything. We try so hard and end up strange. We don’t anything.
Always talking big ideas while watching cable on your phone. We have big fun. But when we’re all alone, barren seas surround the mountains.
We don’t know anyone we try to trust. We drive around all over town, making our best plans for a queen. Will she know everything?

How real feelings should take us over. Do true bidding and make us all lovers. Don’t find a reason to get in your way again.
I know it’s a big step for me, but it still hurts to say. Even after every light would affix its beam, we don’t know anything.
Track Name: Magic Impulse
Love is a natural thing - should be so easy. But giving it up too easily won’t set you free.
The wolves will use you all up.
In an orderly fashion it seems is the way we talk about things, but in between civilized routines we all have wild dreams.
And we act like we forget them, but we always wonder how we get through and feel close to someone, too.

Magic impulses, magic impulse bring me wishes.

The end’s already happened. Feel love float out into streets. Reach out to who you want to and let’s find out who you really are.
Track Name: Old News
I could’ve known you well through all the years hovering around. Care to go across the room into old news? Old news you never really knew? I can’t say I’m excited either - need new faces in the diorama gallery.

When I pretend I’m new to town, it’s taken as such a clever joke. Am I the only one left here with hopes and dreams?
Puzzles of people with their own friends and I don’t know where to go where I can fit right in if it doesn’t lead me to someone who loves me right away.

I need to promise to myself to get somewhere new to bother around. Heated cars weren’t made to sit in all alone. In a need place to leave behind all the feelings of feeling leff behind, then reduced into bittersweet escapist dreams.

Say as little as I can, spin the past how i see fit.
Everyone says to ‘be yourself’ and I know just where that leads…
Track Name: Solipsism
Open up yourself. Let it get ahead of you into everyone. Feel like you’re someone. For every interesting goddamn time. It never matters what you do.

Everyone around you’s talking. Can you guess words you can’t hear? Don’t want to think they’re all about you, but your world’s always near.

Treading softly through your mind - does anyone else look left behind?
It will have to be through the destiny.
Track Name: Andre's Song
Will I meet someone through all this haze around me everyday? I get confused wanting something to want, but I keep living anyway.
Is it just too hard to see me? Well, I can sure make out some of you. I guess it’s not enough to trust each other, but I don’t know what else to do.

Turning into myself - don’t ever let me down.

I keep a diary but never read it - burn some pages every day because I can’t be too left behind the rest, stuck in the shit I can’t get off my chest.
And the course I chose is an odd one - between two different roads: endsless means and meansless ends. Who knows which way to go?

Maybe someday I’ll be up and just taken away and always told what to do.
Then there’d be no need for me to see from spinnings from my head.

Do I need a disaster to bring me back to something real?
Because I’m so tired of convincing myself I know exactly how I feel?

And if it all works out in the end, how do we know if anything even ends? We’re all trying to keep from being nothing - in the wild trying to find a friend.
Track Name: Hayseeds
Make me like you. Fake it until it’s true.
Patience unknown, unrest untold.
Funny how plans fell - hayseeds in hell.
Track Name: Heirloom
Thick thoughts stray to daydreams with the mind’s eye over high wires. Let’s hide lives from ever seeing the set nailed down in a museum.
I picture myself out in the open, but with no place to go I go anywhere i want to - don’t know if I’m even there.
Cold hands feel on stone walls in search of a secret way out, wanting only what they expect and hoping for something close to the best. If they don’t like the view through the crevices? They turn around, back to face another day, while others take their chances on the new ground.

Standing in the wind to breathe new life into old skin. Which reaching hands get held to save what needs to be saved?
Track Name: Shells
I was dying trying to keep up with the trends. No one told me how to make friends. Slither into rooms, drink into the void - couldn’t share a thing to do.
For any diamonds in conversations, I always forget what was said.
A hand to lead me onto where I truly belong, let’s make the will to wake the dead.

Remember being cheered on for anything you tried to do? So sad that we become adult machines of insecurity. Can only talk about ourselves or hear how we’re missing out. We’re told wisdom listens, but why do they always end up victims?

After many years, I doubt I’ve found a single soul over hissing winds through mounds of empty shells.
Track Name: Lifetime Reunion Banquet
Taking everything with you to travel across the empires of your life.
Most of the time I can’t remember anything. It all goes by with everyone I used to know.
Blend my former lives together and feast with everyone forever! If just to know who I really am, waltzing through frozen frames. Hold one closer up now to the light to see how different angles surrounded me.
Standing at the head of the table with thousands of friends and lovers. No need to question how every name is known by all. It all makes sense with the future held at bay and I don’t disappear the next day. But eventually the visions pass, leaving me in a familiar scene. Desperately I draw new constellations between everything to get back into the lifetime reunion banquet.
Track Name: You Could Be a Monument
It’s a state I fail to second guess, sifting through the trash for long lost Valentines.
I forget what the passers-by see, diving into a mess to find someone like me. Love gets so hungry.
As I child I liked to watch the horizon. I always wondered where the power lines go. Somewhere down the line I became overwhelmed by all that we don’t know.
In the resulting detachment I want to find the monument.